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If you are having problems with Wasps please call us on 01622 833330.  We cover Maidstone, The Weald, Tonbridge and the rest of the Kent area.
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There are many types of wasps found in the UK. The common wasps scientific name is Vespula vulgaris
Wasps will use various materials to build a nest.  This is a ball shaped nest and can be different sizes.  In many cases Wasps will not cause a problem to residents.  Wasps will normally be killed by the first frosts and normally not reuse the same nest next year, they will build a new one.
Our mobile technitions can treat wasps and other pests across the Maidstone and Kent area.  We treat the nests with an insecticide dust and we offer free retreatment if the first is unsuccessful.
To arrange a quick call out please contact our office on 01622 833330