Hygiene Services

Unfortunately some people find it difficult to look after themselves. It does not take long before a premises can be inhabitable. Absolute Pest Control ltd offer a full hygiene service to carry out "Dirty House" clearances that will also be accompanied by rodent control and/or insect control if these pests are present within the property.
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 Drug abuse is also a problem within society. Needles and other drug items disregarded not only causes distress to local tenants but provides a genuine health risk to children. Needles can be found anywhere within the work place, on local transport and within derelict buildings.
Absolute Pest Control Ltd have the experience and facilities to remove needles and other such items. Below are photos of the amount of rubbish removed from one small office block waiting to be demolished. Along with the amount of needles removed from the premises estimated at 250,000 needles.
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